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AGLA Update Meeting 2021


Neue ESC/EAS-Dyslipidämie-Guidelines: eine kommentierte Übersicht der AGLA
Walter F. Riesen, Walter Kaiser, Augusto Gallino, Arnold von Eckardstein, Jürg H. Beer, Gian-Reto Theus
Schweiz Med Forum 2020;Online First, 06.01.2020

HDL – janusartige Assoziation mir kardiovaskulärer Sterblichkeit
Walter F Riesen
Praxis (2019), 108, pp. 449-449

Advanced carotid atherosclerosis in middle-aged subjects: comparison with PROCAM and SCORE risk categories, the potential for reclassification and cost-efficiency of carotid ultrasound in the setting of primary care.
Romanens M, Sudano I, Adams A, Warmuth W
Swiss Med Wkly 2019;149,w20006

Association between income and control of cardiovascular risk factors after acute coronary syndromes: an observational study.
Jaquet E, Gencer B, Auer R, Moschetti K, Muller O, Matter CM6 Lüscher TF, Mach F, Rodondi N, Bodenmann P, Nanchen D.
Swiss Med Wkly. 2019 Apr 17;149:w20049

Implications of Europe’s Plan S for Atherosclerosis
Arnold von Eckardstein
Atherosclerosis 2019;280,202-3

Is lipoprotein(a) a risk factor for ischemic stroke and venous thromboembolism
Nave AH, von Eckardstein A
Clin Res Cardiol Suppl 2019;14(Suppl 1),28-32

Agreement of PROCAM and SCORE to assess cardiovascular risk in two different low risk European populations.
Romanens M, Szucs T, Sudano I, Adams A
Prev Med Rep 2019, 13, 113-117

Statin therapy and recurrent venous thromboembolism in the elderly: a prospective cohort study.
Kronenberg RM, Beglinger S, Stalder O, Méan M, Limacher A, Beer JH, Feller M
Sci Rep 2019;9(1),14804

Prognostic value of elevated lipoprotein(a) in patients with acute coronary syndromes.
Gencer B, Rigamonti F, Nanchen D, Vuilleumier N, Kern I, Aghlmandi S, Mach F
Eur J Clin Invest 2019;49(7),e13117

The Growing Field of Imaging of Atherosclerosis in Peripheral Arteries.
Cattaneo M, Wyttenbach R, Corti R, Staub D, Gallino A
Angiology 2019, 70(1), 20-34

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