Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting 2016

Best Poster and Free Communication

The winners of the best Poster and of the best Free Communication were announced during the Meeting 2016

Best Poster

Nicholas Woudberg,
Cape Town ZA

P2 – Delineation of the functionality and subclass distribution of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in South African women

Nicholas Woudberg (Cape Town ZA)

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Inês Borrego,
Fribourg CH

P17 – Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Heterogeneity and Implications for Cell Therapy

Inês Borrego (Fribourg CH), Jérèmy Jérèmy Valentin (Fribourg CH), Aurélien Frobert (Fribourg CH), Stéphane Cook (Fribourg CH), Marie-Noelle Giraud (Fribourg CH)

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Sime Brkic,
Basel CH

P29 – VEGF dose regulates vascular stabilization through Semaphorin3A and the Neuropilin-1+ monocyte/TGF-β1 paracrine axis

Sime Brkic (Basel CH), Emmanuela Bovo (Basel CH), Elena Groppa (Basel CH), Silvia Reginato (Basel CH), Veronica Sacchi (Basel CH), Nunzia Di Maggio (Basel CH), Manuele G. Muraro (Basel CH), Diego Calabrese (Basel CH), Roberto Gianni-Barrera (Basel CH), Andrea Banfi (Basel CH)

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Best Free Communication

Irina Alecu,
Zurich CH

FC20 – Elucidating Novel Metabolic Pathways of the Cytotoxic 1-Deoxysphingolipids

Irina Alecu (Zurich CH), Alaa Othman (Lubeck DE), Thorsten Hornemann (Zurich CH), Arnold Von Eckardstein (Zurich CH)

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