Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting 2015

Best Poster and Free Communication

The winners of the best Poster and of the best Free Communication were announced during the Meeting 2015

Best Poster

Jean-François Denis

P34 – Connexin40: a novel regulator of shear stress-induced endothelial NF-?B activation
Jean-François Denis (Geneva CH), Ludwig Scheckenbach (Geneva CH), Anna Pfenniger (Geneva CH), Bernard Foglia (Geneva CH), Mario Delmar (New York US), Brenda R Kwak (Geneva CH)

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Alexander Akhmedov

P21 – Genetic deletion of the adaptor protein p66Shc increases susceptibility to short-term ischemic myocardial injury via intracellular salvage pathways
Alexander Akhmedov (Schlieren CH), Fabrizio Montecucco (Geneva CH), Vincent Braunersreuther (Geneva CH), Giovanni G. Camici (Schlieren CH), Philipp Jakob (Schlieren CH), Martin F. Reiner (Schlieren CH), Martina Glanzmann (Schlieren CH), Fabienne Burger (Geneva CH), Francesco Paneni (Schlieren CH), Katia Galan (Geneva CH), Graziano Pelli (Geneva CH), Nicolas Vuilleumier (Geneva CH), Alexandre Belin (Geneva CH), Jean-Paul Vallée (Geneva CH), Francois Mach (Geneva CH), Thomas F. Lüscher (Schlieren CH)

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Sime Brkic

P23 – EphrinB2/EphB4 signaling controls the dose-dependent switch between normal and aberrant angiogenesis by VEGF
Sime Brkic (Basel CH), Elena Groppa (Basel CH), Veronica Sacchi (Basel CH), Marianna Trani (Basel CH), Michael Heberer (Basel CH), Roberto Gianni-Barrera (Basel CH), Andrea Banfi (Basel CH)

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Best Free Communication

David Schmutzler

FC15 – Contrast enhanced ultrasound molecular imaging of the inflammatory response in myocarditis
David Schmutzler (Basel CH), Elham Khanicheh (Basel CH), Martina Mitterhuber (Basel CH), Katharina Glatz (Basel CH), Elin Ellertsdottir (Basel CH), Beat Kaufmann (Basel CH)

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Merlijn J Meens

FC20 – Regulation of lymphatic physiology by connexin47
Merlijn J Meens (Geneva CH), Issa Kutkut (Geneva CH), Amélie Sabine (Lausanne CH), Tatiana V Petrova (Lausanne CH), Brenda R Kwak (Geneva CH)

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