Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting 2014

Best Poster and Free Communication

The winners of the best Poster and of the best Free Communication were announced during the Meeting 2014 and are: Elena Groppa, Basel (best Poster) and Jérôme Lugrin, Lausanne (best Free Coummunication)

Best Free Communication

Jérôme Lugrin

Necrotic cardiomyocytes release soluble pro-inflammatory molecules(s) inducing MyD88-dependent inflammatory responses in cardiac fibroblasts.
Jérôme Lugrin (Lausanne CH), Roumen Parapanov (Lausanne CH), Nathalie Rosenblatt-Velin (Lausanne CH), Bernard Waeber (Lausanne CH), François Feihl (Lausanne CH), Lucas Liaudet (Lausanne CH)

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Best Poster

Elena Groppa

EphrinB2/EphB4 signaling controls the switch between normal and aberrant angiogenesis by increasing VEGF doses
Elena Groppa (Basel CH), Veronica Sacchi (Basel CH), Roberto Gianni-Barrera (Basel CH), Marianna Trani (Basel CH), Michael Heberer (Basel CH), Andrea Banfi (Basel CH)

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In addition, 2 Posters were assigned the Running Up Award. The funds for this Award were also offered by AstraZeneca. The winners of the Running Up Award are:  

Running Up Award

Melroy Miranda

The Sirt1 activator SRT3025 in Apoe-/- mice provides atheroprotection by enhancing hepatic low-density lipoprotein receptor expression
Melroy X. Miranda (Zurich CH), Lambertus J. van Tits (Zurich CH), Christine Lohmann (Zurich CH), Tasneem Arsiwala (Zurich CH), Stephan Winnik (Zurich CH), Anne Tailleux (Lille FR), Sokrates Stein (Zurich CH), James L. Ellis (Cambridge US), Thomas F. Lüscher (Zurich CH), Christian M. Matter (Zurich CH)

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Filippo Molica

Selective inhibition of platelet aggregation by targeting a novel membrane channel
Filippo Molica (Geneva CH), Séverine Nolli (Geneva CH), Sandrine Morel (Geneva CH), Pierre Fontana (Geneva CH), Brenda Kwak (Geneva CH)

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