Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research Meeting 2013

Best Poster and Free Communication

The winners of the best Poster and of the best Free Communication were announced during the Meeting 2013 and are: Monika Dornbierer, Berne (best Poster) and Merlijn Meens (best Free Coummunication). The winners were awarded a Prize offered by AstraZeneca.

Best Poster


Monika Dornbierer

Heart transplantation with donation after cardiac death: Biochemical and hemodynamic parameters predict contractile recovery in a rat model 
M. Dornbierer1, J. Sourdon1, S. Huber1, B. Gahl1, T. Carrel1, H. Tevaearai1, S. Longnus1 (1Berne)

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Best Free Communication

Merlijn Meens

Cx37 affects shear stress-dependent atherosclerotic plaque composition in ApoE-deficient mice 
M. Meens1, A. Pfenniger1, B. Foglia1, E. Sutter1, G. Pelli1, R. Krams2, B. Kwak1 (1Geneva; 2London)

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In addition, 2 Posters were assigned the Running Up Award. The funds for this Award were also offered by AstraZeneca. The winners of the Running Up Award are:  

Running Up Award


Daniel Gutierrez

Direct CaMKII Activation by Endogenous Nitric Oxide Modulates Calcium Spark Frequency in Cardiomyocytes 
D. Gutierrez1, M. Fernandez1, J. Ogrodnik1, E. Niggli1 (1Bern)

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Mélanie Métrich

Mélanie Métrich

New role for the Notch-ligand Jagged1 in the adult heart 
M. Métrich1, A. Bezdek Pomey1, C. Berthonneche1, M. Nemir1, T. Pedrazzini1 (1Lausanne)

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