Submission of applications for the Amgen Swiss Lipid Research Award is now possible!

Publié le 2018-06-04

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of written summaries of outstanding basic or clinical research projects in the field of atherosclerosis disease for the Amgen Swiss Lipid Research Award 2018 in the amount of CHF 30’000.

Final deadline for submission of written summaries: August 31, 2018

The prize will be awarded by the AGLA on the occasion of the AGLA Meeting in Berne 2019, February 7th.
The prize winner will give a short presentation of the submitted research project and the previous prize winner will present the outcome of his/her research also during the AGLA Meeting.

Read the "Research Grant Rules" and visit the submission platform for further information about the Amgen Swiss Lipid Research Award and to submit your application today.